We offer programs that provide each child the opportunity for one-on-one supervision while in a small peer environment in the following areas:

Infant -toddler early intervention program: This is the facility for parents & their newborns to understand the intricacies in the process of development. Another very important objective is to ensure positive parent-child attachment & minimize the stress on parents & families.

We train parents to look at “HOW” your kid is achieving a particular millstone instead of “What” is he doing.

Look at “WHY” particular Posture & movement behaviour is occurring & plan appropriate parent handling, play & environmental strategies.

Who are eligible: Babies with prematurity & low birth weight, Babies with meningitis, history of IVH, Sepsis, Neonatal seizures.

Children born prematurely are at increased risk for sensory-based movement & postural difficulties. A Preemie with sensory issues can experience being rocked as an assault. This is long term process can impact their emotional regulation, play & social interaction.

Hence Early Intervention programs which include periodic screening & parenting handling tips are important. If you can detect early, you can treat early for the better developmental outcome of the baby.

Here, @ therapy for kids, we provide standardized assessment & screening protocols for all the babies who are a risk of developing developmental delays. Also, parental handling of home environment matters in the process of development. Parents are guided with graded intervention protocol to ensure optimum development of babies.

Fine motor intervention involves paying attention to little hands.The functions of hand are not only limited to grasping, gripping, lacing, buttoning or writing but also helps us to feel, gives expression to our feelings and explore.
Plays huge role in understanding non verbal communication by understanding touch.

Occupational therapists use activities and play in the as treatment modalities to develop bilateral hand coordination, in hand manipulation, wrist extensions, gross grasp strength, open up web space,pincer grasp.These are just few examples of fine motor skills required for functional development of hand.

Many physical education lessons consist of a series of fun games that are poorly framed to develop good motor skills. There are too many children today of age 6-7 trying out a sport that don’t have the fundamentals of coordination that are required to learn, enjoy and progress in the sport of their choice with confidence. As they enter the sports sampling phase they soon suffer the consequences, lacking the necessary skills to participate and more often they won’t enjoy it. Here at Kidszone gym tailor-made activities are designed by therapists pertaining to each child’s abilities where they have funfilled sessions in group boosting their motor skills as well as developing problem-solving, self-confidence and social skills.

It is an Inclusive setup for all kids including kids having cerebral palsy (walking minimum 10 steps), mild autism, balance and coordination issues, developmental delays, sensory processing disorders, hypotonia, poor strength and endurance, Down’s syndrome with age criteria 4-10 yrs.

The programme targets in improving basic motor skills including balance, reaction, rhythm, differentiation, and orientation which is required in any sport. It aims at developing Basic To Sport Specific Skills.