Pediatric Occupational Therapists create fun treatment sessions that interest your child and encourage them to embrace change, growth and learning.

What are child’s occupational or functional skills?

  • Ability to effectively initiate & engage in communication with the parent & surrounding environment.
  • Ability to remain calm and sleep well
  • Ability to pay attention in school or at home
  • Ability to play with others
  • Ability to complete daily self-care tasks such as: feeding, dressing, brushing teeth and hair, and bathing.
  • Ability to accept and eat a variety of foods
  • Ability to develop eye-hand skills for reading, writing, and playing.
  • Ability to develop body coordination
  • Ability to feel comfortable with touch, movement, and socialization with others.

Occupational Therapists work with the child by addressing what sensory motor , musculoskeletal components require to develop these skills. Approaches that a pediatric occupational Therapist might use to achieve function are:

Neurodevelopmental  Therapy

Sensory Processing Intervention

Linking Play to achieve function

Task oriented Approach.